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  • List Your Gear With Us!

List Your Gear With Us!


We know what it's like to have expensive gear sitting on a shelf waiting for a shoot day to come around. That sh!t hurts. 


We are excited to announce a new option for our gear rental service: gear owners can now list their equipment with us and earn money by renting it out to filmmakers.


This is a great opportunity for gear owners to monetize their equipment when it is not in use, and for filmmakers to access a wider range of equipment. When you list your gear with us, you will earn 75% of every rental, making it an easy and convenient way to earn extra income.


Simply sign up to become a Gear Owner, list your equipment, and start earning money when it is rented out to filmmakers!


  • Have your equipment work for you, even when you're not working.
  • Set the availability based on your schedule - List the items you'll need as temporarily not available when you need them.
  • No-contact Rentals - Have clients pick up the equipment from the DIFYRENT Studio rather than your home/workspace
  • We also accept prop listings for our PropStore.


For more information, complete the request above with the equipment you're thinking of renting out, and we'll get back to you soon! It's Free!


    As with all rentals, the equipment is ALWAYS at risk. DIFYRENT does not accept any liability for any damage caused to any equipment rented through this platform. Any insurance policies or agreements with clients must be handled seperately and no equipment is insured by DIFYRENT.


    Should the Gear Owner like, they can provide us with custom forms/contact information sheets/pre-requisities or waivers for the client to sign before renting the equipment.

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