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"A Golden Ticket to Hollywood"

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

"I WISH I NEVER EXISTED" & The story of how we won our first award and get to make the short film of our dreams.

A Leap of Faith

Flashback to June 2023, we’re in post-production of our second blockbuster series, The Way Back Season 2. Maria comes in first thing on Friday morning and tells us there’s this film fund we need to apply for, promising a “Golden Ticket to Hollywood”. We laugh, because there’s ooooobviously no way we could ever win that, right? After a few days of planning our pitch, we took our leap of faith and applied.

Time for Change

Long story short, we knew we weren't going to hear back from them for at least a few days, to the point where we almost entirely forgot about it. I'm telling you, there was not one of us who thought we were even going to be chosen, let alone win.

THEN, about a few weeks later we heard a knock on our door, and there it was, confirmation that we were finalists for the Golden Bee Awards. After spending a day going manic at our studio, it was time to perfect our pitch. We created a really cool story that felt close to home, and who knows, maybe for the first time in our lives as filmmakers, we wouldn’t need to self fund a project?

The Golden Bee Awards

After we pitched, competed against 10 other incredible finalists, it was all down to this. The Golden Bee Awards, and our chance to €100,000 to make the film of our dreams. If I had to be honest, I don’t remember much of the night. I mean, seeing Eric Bana and Daniel Pemberton in person was super cool… if we ignore the fact that we felt like puking the entire evening. Our award was presented at the very end of the night, so anything before that is all just a panicked blur to me. Then, it was time. The Winners of the Malta Create Award, and €100,000 prize to make a short film…

Check out the reel we made about everything:

Well of course we won it! Why else would we be writing this right now? As for where we’re at now… A lot has happened since then. We’re working with some really amazing people to make the coolest short film you’ve ever seen, “I Wish I Never Existed”, premiering June 2024.

The film follows Sam, a 17 year old who struggles to find her place in the universe when everyone she knew forgets she existed… EXCEPT her grandpa.

As the days fly by, the reality of what we're creating is really coming through. Every line we’re writing, every scene we sculpt, we see our own ideas slowly materialising too.

You’re invited to the next chapter of the DIFYRENT show, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store.


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